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Why Join a DCE?

Auxilium Health Network’s DCE methodology is designed to support your goals while allowing you to maintain independence and autonomy. Hospitals and providers are empowered to maintain control and ensure care governance at the local level.

How does an DCE work with Auxilium Health Network?

The primary goals of Auxilium Health Network DCE is to transform the risk-sharing arrangement in Medicare FFS. Empower our beneficiaries through provider choice and reduce health care providers administrative burdens.

This model is for groups with limited exposure to Medicare FFS models or risk-sharing agreements. Taking advantage of the capitated model under Auxilium Health Network DCE we will provide the consistent cash flow to allow physicians to focus on their member engagement. You now can receive capitation payments every month. In joining our DCE, we will help participating doctors reduce overall healthcare costs by improving outcomes and increase service options for you.

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