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ACO REACH Benefits

The ACO REACH Model is reshaping the healthcare landscape by coordinating a network of care providers — from primary care doctors to specialists and hospitals — into a unified force. This innovative approach reduces inefficiencies like duplicated tests and conflicting treatments, streamlining patient care. It particularly benefits those with chronic conditions and residents of underserved areas, granting them better access to services like telehealth, post-hospital care, and financial support. With a focus on Medicare patients, REACH aims to make accesible high-quality healthcare, ensuring it reaches every corner of the community. Specifically, ACO REACH model offers:

  • Multiple risk-sharing arrangements
  • Flexible beneficiary alignment options, including enhancements to voluntary alignment relative to existing Medicare initiatives
  • Capitation payment options that vary by risk-sharing arrangement
  •  Incentives to improve care coordination and address social determinants of health.
  • Benefit enhancements and payment rule waivers to improve care coordination and service delivery
  • A focus on complex chronic and seriously ill beneficiaries
  • Emphasizes a broader approach to include all beneficiaries, with specific actions to reduce healthcare inequities.
  • Options for organizations that have not participated in Medicare FFS previously